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Charlie Moore
Bollé Athletes : Charlie Moore, Fishing
Bollé Athletes : Charlie Moore, Fishing

11/07/1970, Wakefield, MA
TV Host, Author, Mad Fisherman

I have a great life. I am doing what I love doing, I am having fun and I get to call that my career! I would say that some of my top accomplishments include being on TV for 17 years, hosting 7 different TV series and winning 3 Emmy awards.

"First and foremost, the product needs to look good, be stylish, be hip. I get the fact that a product needs to be very functional and provide protection, but what I like about Bolle is that they look good, they are sexy glasses!"

I have been fishing since I was a kid and really got involved in it after high school. I got my first TV gig at the age of 23. My love of the sport and my love for TV are two separate things and over the course of several years they developed into a combination of what I Love and what makes it entertaining for a wide audience to enjoy.