Lens Installation

One of the most dreaded tasks for some people can be lens installation. However this need not be the case. Here are a few installation tips.

Breakaway Lenses

STEP 1: Hold the Breakaway upside down with the temple arms facing away from you.

STEP 2: Bend the frame from the center bridge section by pushing up with your left thumb and pulling down with your right hand. This will release the lens from the nose bridge area.

STEP 3: As soon as the lens releases from the center nose bridge, carefully slide the lens out from the temple area. Do not attempt to force the lens out by pulling or twisting as this could damage the lens tab system. Repeat process for second lens.

STEP 4: To install a replacement lens, insert the tab into the temple section first, align the lens slot in the frame in nose bridge area. Bend frame to snap into nose bridge. Repeat process for second lens.