For those who require corrected vision, the normal sunglass and goggle rules may not apply. Bollé offers a variety of products and tips for those with corrective vision needs.

The Bollé Sport Optical System is for the eyeglass wearer who desires the function and look of a sport sunglass.

  • This is a sleek, wrap around, multi-sport family of shields with a unique prescription capability.
  • A removable adapter fits neatly behind the shield lens and accommodates an optical prescription from +3.00D to -6.00D.
  • The Micro Edge, Micro Edge II, Edge, Edge II, Attack and Attack II all accommodate optical adapters.
  • The Sport Optical System includes an extra plain nose piece so the user can either use the optical insert or a plain nosepiece if they want to wear contact lenses with the product.
  • With goggles if glasses are worn, we are introducing an extra set of lenses into the equation. If contacts are worn, we may have to increase or decrease the amount of ventilation.

Here are some tips to help eyeglass wearers get the most benefit from your goggles when wearing your glasses:

  • Bollé offers the X700 and X500 in the Goggle Collection that feature side cut outs in the foam to accommodate eyewear temples, the X700 features a super over the glass lens that protrudes out from the goggle frame and allows a wide variety of frame sizes to fit comfortably behind the goggle.
  • Try to use polycarbonate in your glasses as opposed to glass. In its natural state polycarbonate is more fog resistant than glass.
  • Use nylon frames as opposed to metal. A cold metal frame can cause a cold lens, place this in a warm goggle and you have a good possibility of fogging.
  • Use an anti-fog coating solution on the lenses of your glasses. Rarely will your goggles fog.
  • Put your goggles on just prior to leaving the lodge, this will keep the lenses from getting cold.
  • Putting cold lenses in a warm goggle can cause fogging. It's best to keep everything at the same temperature.
  • Ventilation is critical to fog free vision. Make sure to check your goggle vents periodically to make sure snow is not building up and blocking ventilation. Goggles vent by drawing air in the top vent and out the bottom vent. Anything blocking the top or bottom vents can prevent this air flow.
  • Bollé offers optical inserts in several models in the Goggle Collection. Your prescription can be put into the insert and then it is easily fit in behind the goggle lens. The Futur, X200, X500, X700, Chrono and TRD goggles all accommodate a Bollé goggle optical insert.

Here are some tips to help contact lens wearers get the most benefit from your goggles when wearing contact lenses:

  • For some people the venting action of the goggles can actually draw moisture from the contact lens. Bollé has introduced the new OTC (Over the Contact Lens) Goggle that offers technology to reduce the air flow in the goggle. By closing the bottom vents of our Chrono Goggle air flow is reduced, thus reducing drying out of the contacts while skiing.
  • Wear your goggles as much as possible. The heat and perspiration generated by your body creates a nice humid environment that will keep your lenses moist. Removing your goggles exposes them to cold, dry air.
  • Eye Drops. If you still have problems with your lenses drying, try putting drops in at the bottom of the run, this will usually keep enough moisture in your lens to make it to the bottom.
  • Blink. Sounds simple but most people stare for long periods of time when they ski, their concentration being so intense. If you blink occasionally, you can help your eyes keep your lenses moist.