• Bollé Dark Tortoise • Polarized Inland GoldSunglasses
  • Bollé Shiny Black • Polarized Offshore BlueSunglasses
  • Bollé Shiny Black • TNSSunglasses
  • Bollé Shiny Black • Polarized TNSSunglasses
  • Bollé Dark Tortoise • Polarized AxisSunglasses
  • Bollé Matte Blue • Polarized TNS Gunmetal oleo AFSunglasses
  • Bollé Matte Black/Orange Marble • Polarized TNS oleo AFSunglasses
Fit: Medium / Large | 8BASE 64/35/66/17/125


The Anaconda’s curved arms hug your face to keep your sunglasses right where they belong. This progressive design is perfect for those with medium to large faces looking for a wear-everywhere sunglass that’s extremely versatile and comfortable.