• Bollé Matte Black/Orange • Polarized TNS Fire oleo ARSunglasses
  • Bollé Shiny Black • TNSSunglasses
  • Bollé Shiny Black • Polarized TNS oleo ARSunglasses
  • Bollé Shiny Tortoise • Polarized A-14 oleo ARSunglasses
  • Bollé Matte Black/Argyle White • Polarized TNS oleo ARSunglasses
  • Bollé Matte Black/Lime • Polarized Brown Emerald oleo ARSunglasses
Fit: Medium | 6BASE 57/39/62/16/135


What better way to introduce the new Bollé Sport Lifestyle collection than with an iconic new style? Jude brings together chiselled good-looks and high-quality polarized lenses to make a statement about this brand's commitment to always exceeding expectations. If your life demands style and versatility, these glasses are the perfect companion.