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The Technology

Goggle frame technology

Forestay System

Forestay™ system

Swinging outrigger to maintain perfect fit with helmets. Available on: Fathom, Simmer, Nebula, Boost OTG

Triple Layer Face Foam

Triple layer face foam

Ultra soft micro-fleece is the only material on your face, backed by two layers of multidensity foam for a firm soft fit.

Double Layer Face Foam

Double layer face foam

A medium density foam backed up a soft micro-fleece face layer.

Wide Field of Vision

Wide field of vision

Wide field of view ensures maximum peripheral view, necessary when you are flying through the slalom gates or spinning to spot a landing over your shoulder. The Gravity features a unique new spherical shield, designed with a steeper curve to provide face- hugging fit and the widest field of view in a spherical goggle.

Flow-Tech Venting

Flow-tech® venting

Designed to reduce fogging and optimize the flow of air over the inside of the lens. These venting ports control airflow, while preventing clogging from snow and ice.

Sport Optical System (S.O.S.)

Sport Optical System (S.O.S.)

Bollé goggles can be customized with an optical prescription adapter that fits inside the Fathom, Nova, Monarch, Nebula, Mojo, Volt, X9 OTG, Boost OTG & Y6 OTG.

Goggle lens technology


Equalizer® vent

Bollé® Equalizer technology uses a waterproof, breathable vent to eliminate any moisture. The result is distortion free vision and no fogging at any altitude. Available on: Fathom, Simmer

UV Protection

Ultra violet protection

All Bollé lenses block harmful UVA/UVB rays up to 400 nanometers.


P80 Plus[anti-fog]

Embedded premium anti-fog layer in the inner lens disperses water molecules across the surface of the lens, restricting moisture build up that can impede your crystal clear view of the terrain ahead..

Carbo Glass

Carbo Glas® [anti-scratch]

Outer lenses are sheathed in a protective armour to prevent scratches, keeping your lenses and outlook as clear as a bluebird sky.

Double Lens Thermal Barrier

Double lens thermal barrier

The Bollé unique double lens design creates a thermal barrier, while providing exceptional optics and a superior seal.

Modulator Lens

Modulator lens

A state-of-the-art, high contrast, light reactive lens that changes lens tint density with the changing light conditions. The more UV light exposed to the lens, the darker the lens will become. Available on: Fathom, Monarch, Nova, Nebula, Y6, X9

Polarized Lens

Polarized lens

Bollé features Brown and Aurora polarized lenses with a polarized film that blocks the horizontal reflected component of light. The result is enhanced contrast so you will see more terrain features and icy patches. Featured on the Gravity, Fathom, Monarch, Nova, Nebula, and X9. Available in Brown and Aurora.

Goggle fit technology

Over The Helmet

Over the helmet [OTH]

All Bollé goggles are engineered with the latest helmet designs in mind so the fit is smooth.

Over The Glasses

Over the glasses [OTG]

The Y6, X9 and Boost OTG are designed to fit over most prescription glasses.