3 reasons to get Bollé prescription sunglasses

Available on 94% of our models

We believe everyone should have access to the very best in eyewear. Which is why we apply our prescription program to almost all our models, including monoshield models.

You can make sure your model is compatible with our prescription program by checking this list.

See RX available models

Available with our signature lenses

By choosing our prescription models, you still have access to Bollé's signature lens technologies: Phantom and Volt+.

Best lens on the market, Phantom offers a photochromic technology with phenomenal optical clarity.

The first lens ever developed with artificial intelligence, Volt+ is the reference in the field of high-contrast lenses, boosting colors by 30%.


Worn by our athletes

Bollé works hand in hand with numerous athletes. Our prescription sunglasses have been tested and validated under the most extreme conditions.

How to purchase your prescription sunglasses ?

Easy !


1. Make an apppointment with a partnering optician near you, using our Optician Locator below

2. Arrive with you prescription in hand, your optician will help you fin the right model for your needs

3. Your optician will order for you a tailor-made model on our platform. You will be paying at this point.

4. Collect your sunglasses two weeks later at your optician's location.