Use and maintenance guide for Bollé products

You have just purchased Bollé products, and we congratulate you on your choice and thank you for your trust in us. 

On this page you will find all the information you need to maintain, use, and store your products.


Instruction of use:


Sunglasses protect eyes against the harmful and unpleasant effects of solar radiation. We remind you that sunglasses are not suitable designed for direct observation of the sun, nor for driving in twilight or at night, nor for eye protection against the risk of mechanical impact. It is not a protection against artificial light source (eg solariums).

Put on and take off your sunglasses evenly by holding both frame arms.


Ski goggles:

Bollé ski goggles are designed to provide protection against snow, sun, wind and cold for the practice of winter sports. Do not wear ski goggles on the road or when driving.


To prevent fogging:

• Wipe your lens with a soft cloth and you face.

• Do not obstruct the ventilation holes when wearing your goggles.


Ski helmets:

Bollé ski helmets have been designed to protect you as far as possible when skiing and snowboarding. They should not be used for any other activity (motorized activities or activities in an environment with vehicles). 


Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of serious head injury because the helmet absorbs shocks and protects the head from blunt objects. However, no helmet can protect from all injury. 

The helmet must be correctly positioned to protect the forehead and leave the nape free. With an adjustable helmet, you can adjust the size to your head. The chin straps must be tight but not too tight. The buckle must be closed and secure.


Bike helmets:

This helmet is exclusively intended for cycling and roller use. Do not use it for motor sports.

A certain proportion of the energy from an impact is absorbed by the helmet, thereby reducing the strength of the impact to the head. Such an absorption of energy by the helmet may impact its structure. A helmet that has been subjected to a violent impact must systematically be replaced, even if there is no visible damage.

Check the fit of your helmet before each use. To be effective, a helmet must be adjusted to your height and be worn properly.


Maintenance and storage:

Your Bollé products must be cleaned regularly to keep them in good condition and prolong their lifespan.

  • Do not use aggressive products like solvents and detergents that can alter the mechanical properties of the mask. 
  • Allow them to air dry completely before putting them away (do not use a hairdryer or any other artificial heat source).
  • Do not leave them in direct light on a car's dashboard or on the parcel shelf.
  • Remember to store them in their case or microfiber pouch to protect them.


The screens, glasses or visor must absolutely be replaced when their state of degradation no longer guarantees the conformity of their use. They must be replaced with new glasses of the same Bollé model to continue to guarantee their functionality and protection.

All modifications made to the helmet, and especially the application of paint, adhesives and the use of detergents, chemicals, and solvents, may reduce its performances and lower the level of protection. 



The best cleaning method is to run your sunglasses under a trickle of warm soapy water, then rinse and allow to dry and Store in a dry place. 


Ski goggles:

The best way to clean your goggles is to wash the lenses in lukewarm soapy water, rinse well and leave to dry naturally. Do not rub the inside of the lenses or you may damage the fog treatment coating.


Ski helmets:

Use only warm water and gentle soap. You can use a damp cotton swab with soap to reach the vents.

Your helmet will remain in good condition if it is stored in the dark and if it is not subjected to impacts or the weight of other objects.

The foam inside your helmet is machine washable at 30 ° C.


Bike helmets:

Use only warm water and gentle soap. It is recommended to store your helmet in a correctly ventilated spot and at room temperature so that it can dry after use. 

Your helmet will remain in good condition if it is stored in the dark and if it is not subjected to impacts or the weight of other objects.