At Bollé, we don’t claim we are going to save the planet, but we do strive to reduce our impact.

Opening a new chapter in our sustainability approach, we are proud to present our first step for winter gear.

Following the addition of a full eco-designed cycling commuter range, Bollé now offers an eco-designed ski helmet which was voted the winner of the Slide & OTS Winter Eco award in partnership with POW UK (ECO ATMOS), a pair of eco-designed goggles (ECO BLANCA), and 5 eco-designed mountain sunglasses.

It’s our natural response to the needs of people who want to pursue an active lifestyle while doing their part for the planet.

100% recycled or bio-based nylon plastic parts 

The plastic parts of our eco-designed products such as the helmets’ strap adjustors and Click-To-FitTM system as well as the goggles and sunglasses’ frame are made from recycled nylon or bio-based nylon (produced with renewable castor oil).

100% recycled fabric

As a result of our sustainability approach, our eco-designed helmets’ straps and padding are made of 100% recycled fibers and our ECO BLANCA goggles’ strap is made of 65% recycled polyester with 100% recycled patches.

40% recycled outer shell

The outer shell of our commuter helmets and ECO ATMOS ski helmet are made of 40% recycled polycarbonate on dark colorways.

Inner shell with 20% cork

We are challenging the traditional way to make helmets, replacing some plastic and petroleum products with organic materials such as cork to reduce our environmental impact. 

Eco-designed packaging

Because eco-design is not just about the product itself, we use recycled cardboard, soy-based ink, and water-based glue for the packaging of our eco-designed helmets and goggles, and we are targeting to widespread it across all our packaging (boxes, cases, pouches, etc.) by Autumn/Winter 2023.

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