At Bollé Brands we create products that are made to perform and we back everything we make with a 2 years warranty against defects in materials and/or workmanship. This warranty is not applicable, and will be declared void, in the event of defects or damage following incorrect use, negligence, defective repairs, incorrect adjustment, modification, changes or uses other than those indicated by the manufacturer. Bollé Brands will replace or repair at our option, free of charge with proof of purchase.


Please make a claim per SKU and make sure you provide all the information below.


  • Company Name
  • Contact email
  • Clear pictures of the damage area(s)
  • Your invoice number
  • The SKU number
  • Defective quantity
  • Received quantity
  • Indicate whether the defect is:
  • On sunglasses
  • On helmets
  • On goggles
  • On cycling helmets
  • Printing
  • Cosmetic
  • Packaging
  • UPC error
  • Dimensions
  • Fit
  • Lenses
  • Others (please specify)


The batch code reference(s) (a 2- to 3-digit code) of the affected item

For goggles - you will find a dater-wheel either on the outrigger or in the inside of the frame.

For sunglasses - the batch code is located on one of the temples.

For helmets - the batch code is located on the inner label.

For sport protective - you will find a data-wheel on the temple.

A description of the item issue. Please describe the issue as best as possible, this will speed up the warranty process.


How long does the process take?


Once your claim is received our team will assess the claim and come back to you within 10 business days. If your claim is accepted we will issue a return ticket for the item(s). Once your returned package has reached our main returns centre, we will process your refund/exchange within 10 business days.




- Without the necessary documentation, no returns can be processed.

- Please note, this warranty shall not apply to any defect or damage caused by improper or unreasonable use of this product. Bollé Brands products are not warranted against scratching. Please note that our products are not used as eye protection against mechanical impact hazard.

- We also remind you that all Bollé Brands products should be stored in a dry place, at a temperature between -10°C and 35°C. Please refer to the product leaflet for additional information regarding storage, care and precaution.