The Medalist Carbon Pro

At Bollé, we know racing and what it takes to be a champion. Just ask Alexis Pinturault, the men with 3 Olympic medals, 6 World medals and 71 World Cup podiums.

  • Special edges have been designed to create a unique look but also to provide better aerodynamics. These edges allow to reduce frictions with airflow by kicking the air off the surface of the helmet for less drag.
  • The Medalist Carbon Pro  uses a full carbon shell, made with 100% carbon fiber. Known to be stronger and more resistant than injected plastic, it makes the product lighter.
  • By using an elastometric copolymer insert in the top, we managed to keep a lower profile which is both faster and better looking.

"Nothing comes easy in sports. That's what makes it beautiful." 

- Alexis Pinturault

The Nevada Goggles

Made for competition, the Nevada is a cylindrical frameless goggle that showcases all the best performance features while keeping a bold style.

  • Vented lens for ventilation, anti-fog and anti-scratch coating for a perfect vision, triple density foam for comfort and silicon on strap for stability.
  • Available with Phantom, our best photochromic lens. Discover the Alexis Pinturault limited edition.

Bollé is exceptionally proud to have Alexis in its family and the close relationship it has with the skier has led to Alexis regularly working with the brand. To celebrate this success story, Bollé has created “VISION” an exclusive documentary on his consecration showing behind the scenes of his amazing accomplishment.