Team presentation

Created back in 2017, the B&B Hotels - KTM team is based in Brittany. Cycling has been in the region's blood for more than a century. For training and competition, the riders wear the best products from Bollé's Performance range, including the C-Shifter with its Volt lens, the Icarus equipped with exceptional-quality, all-weather Phantom lenses, and the Furo Mips helmet - until Bollé's new helmet hits this spring.

The team's Bollé® gear



At the cutting edge of trends and performance, the C-Shifter is the newcomer in the Shifter range. The semi-circular, cylindrical structure improves ventilation, the TR90 nylon frame is light, flexible and comfortable, and the Thermogrip® adjustable nose pads provide perfect fit and stability whatever the intensity of your ride. Available with VOLT, the revolutionary colour-boosting lens.

I like the fact the sunglasses wrap right round my face, they're comfortable and stable in all circumstances. The lens with the Volt technology is high quality and provides optimum colour visibility. There are multiple frame colour options so I change it every day!

Cyril Barthe

What I like is the size of the lens which protects your eyes especially when you're descending at high speed on your road bike or MTB. They fit snugly to your face and head, they're really comfortable, and you can't even see the frame. The grip temple pads also make your ride even safer.

Victor Koretzky


Light as a feather, Icarus is the new favourite among riders. 23 grams of pure performance with rock-solid stability guaranteed by Thermogrip® inserts on the temples and nose pads. This basic frame 6 is available with Phantom, our best photochromic lens for uncompromised visibility and with VOLT, our revolutionary colour-boosting polarised lens. Prescription versions of the Icarus model and its two high-performance lens technologies are also available. Users include B&B Hotels - KTM rider, Cyril Gauthier.

We were quite unanimous in the team, we were astounded by the quality of the Phantom lens when we put on the sunglasses for the first time. What struck us was how light and compact they were, too. This is why I'll be using these sunglasses for hard mountain stages. It won't change everything, but it's important to know that you've got this kind of high-performance kit!

Franck Bonnamour



Awaiting the new model supplied by Bollé's teams that will be worn by the riders at the start of June, the B&B Hotels – KTM team will be riding with Furo MIPS helmets, which are extremely aerodynamic, lightweight, and well-ventilated. MIPS technology provides maximum protection and comfort over long distances.

I was "lucky" enough to get in a real-life crash test at the Grand Prix La Marseillaise, which, given how hard the fall was, proves just how sturdy it is. We are looking for sturdy helmets and that's true of the FURO MIPS®. I also like the Furo's clean design, with a single colour on the front, as well as how light it is, and how I can remove the rubber sections to switch to ventilation mode in summer or put them back in to switch to aero mode for sprints and when I'm riding fast.

Franck Bonnamour

The advantage with the Furo is having two helmets in one thanks to the flexible aeration system, which means that you can use it all year round! Everything is adjustable, you can just remove the cover from the middle to ventilate everything but still keep the aerodynamic side. Both the MIPS and fastening systems are super comfortable.

Victor Koretzky

We're really proud of this partnership with Bollé. Collaborating with such an emblematic brand, with deep roots in our sport, guarantees both quality and reliability. We are all aware of Bollé's history and the riders know that they can entirely trust the products. They are the first ambassadors for the products they wear and can provide the brand's management with feedback. The first year of our partnership drove everyone forward and saw key improvements being made. Sunglasses and helmets are key items of kit to ensure rider safety and performance: we all want the best quality possible.

Jérémy Pineau,
Manager du B&B Hotels -

Photo Jérémy Pineau