Created with the aim of eliminating the phenomenon of glare, lenses with polarized filters have the ability to block parasitic reflections caused by the reverberation of the sun's rays. In high mountains and at sea, they offer a significant gain in safety while increasing contrast sensitivity and limiting visual fatigue. Find out how polarized lenses work and what the benefits of using them are.




What is a polarized lens?


Among the different types of optical glasses, polarized glass stands out as a real technological innovation. Invented by Edwin H. Land in 1929, it has the particularity of neutralizing reflections and the phenomenon of glare, indoors and outdoors. In addition, it protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays and reduces eye fatigue, providing unique viewing comfort. By eliminating almost all annoying reflections, it makes shapes and colors sharper, and reinforces contrasts and reliefs. Wearable by everyone, babies, children or adults, polarized lenses are well suited to sensitive eyes and recommended for sea and mountain activities.


What is a polarized lens made of?


A polarized lens is generally made up of microscopic crystals all oriented in the same direction in order to redirect the light received in one and the same direction. In eyewear, this action has the effect of eliminating parasitic reflections for the eye, whether they are caused by the sun on the snow or on the water.


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When to wear polarized lenses?


As described above, polarized lenses significantly improve visual acuity in a bright context, whatever the weather conditions.


An asset for the mountains and winter sports


The refraction of the sun's rays on the snow is a phenomenon that quickly tires the eye. It can also have very bothersome effects, such as headaches or burning the skin and eyes. However, to practice sliding sports on the slopes (skiing, snowboarding) or any other outdoor activity in the mountains, it is more than recommended to wear good sunglasses to protect yourself against UV rays.


For the high mountains, Bollé offers a whole range of eyewear models whose lenses have high-performance polarization. Ergonomic and ultra-solid, the GRAPHITE and COBALT glasses will be allies of choice for reaching the heights.


Practicing nautical activities in peace 

Like snow, water is one of the most reflective surfaces – light bounces off it intensely. This is why polarized lenses are very suitable for trips to the sea and the beach, since they offer a very effective filter and protection. Boating, fishing or simply sunbathing, polarized glasses will allow you to protect your eyes and enjoy these moments in peace.


Available with a hydrophobic treatment and standard or polarized lenses, the BRECKEN FLOATABLE model from Bollé is specifically designed for water sports activities. Just as resistant and comfortable, the HOLMAN FLOATABLE model will also resist spray and all types of dirt. It should also be noted that both are equipped with the Thermogrip® technology developed by Bollé, ensuring that the frames are held perfectly on the face, regardless of the intensity of your activity.


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